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an anon comment

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As to the idea of secession, I suppose people are not ready for the
level of equality and trust you're proposing in the individuals
constituting the unwashed masses, being, still, prisoners of the notions
of the mindless PC [patriotically correct] framework that would have us
mindlessly salute the flag and follow orders [as in Sieg Heil!]. A bb
does not have the bandwidth to sustain the kind of discussion that would
cause people to have an open mind and question the intensive
indoctrination re patriotism, nationalism and so on that benefit those
who would give the orders. For those who look to the history of
yugoslavia, there is also the history of czechoslovakia, and less
recently, Sweden and Norway.

Personally think it is useful to explore the idea of secession because
it leads into the idea of greater local autonomy. I would like to see
the empire ruled from Delhi transformed into a federation of autonomous
states though I expect that airing such ideas will invite accusations of
being a "miscreant" who is "promoting fissiparous tendencies" to be
"eschewed" [where do these ridiculous archaic terms terms come from?],
and our bhadralok bandhu demanding to know my national affiliations
while taking a holier [patiotic-er]-than-thou tone.

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