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Re: secession

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The idea of secession is revolutionary. But I doubt that even this forum

is ready for it, let alone a nation such as India. The pain inflicted on

common people during partition of India or during the breakdown of
Yugoslavia is recent history. Secession is an acknowledgement of faliure

of people to live and work togather in harmony and mutual respect for
each other's rights. It is an acknowledgement of the faliure of the
nation. It is a last resort for an oppressed people and a right that
will not be given but will have to be taken by force. Even sophisticated

countries like Canada convulse at the notion of secession. To concieve
that it can simply be written into the Constitution of India  is a
flight of fantasy.

Secession has never really solved any problems. Drawing and redrawing
the map of the earth has not really done much good for mankind in
general. The cost which people have paid in terms of suffering has not
justified the creation of new nations. You say that two thirds of people

in a state may decide to secede. Most likely this two third majority has

common religion or  common language. Then what about the fate of the
one-third minority. What gaurantee can protect their life, liberty and
well-being. An experiment like Pakistan is a faliure simply because it's

very creation resulted in so much suffering and bloodshed. Was not the
partition of India an agreed form of secession.

We need a Nation that is based on respect for the rights of every
individual and rule of law. If we are unable to assure these rights as
one nation we will be unable to assure them as two nations or twenty
nations. Whether you put a dozen monkeys in one cage or put them six
monkeys each in two smaller cages is not going to make them behave any
differently towards one another. So why bother.

However if one can agree on writing secession into our constitution we
can probably agree on anything and then there will be no reason to want
to secede.

I look forward to an interesting debate.

N.P. Singh

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