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Re: Keshavananda and Mr. Kurien's Hypotheses.

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Dr. Roy

I lived in north Bihar for about 7 years from about 73-74
to about 81-82.

I have witnessed that, in those areas, most of the 'normal'
folks live indoors and peep out of their windows on election
days. Stray dogs and goondas constitute a substantial
portions of  live creatures seen on the streets during
election days.

Later on in Bombay, I read about the India Today
cameramen and crew that got assaulted and hurt in
their effort to video tape and expose  goonda-gardhi
in Haryana.

I could quite well picture the goings-on there, as I lived
where booth capturing remains a routine. Atleast in
Haryana, the crew could reach within video taping
distance to actually get embroiled in a skirmish.

The numbers of booths captured and the ballots stamped
determine the winners in many areas of the North of
India. It does not take a genius to verify this. Any person
can sit at a chai shop and ask about it and after
a little chat find out the main goons in the area that
run the place.

The head goons are not necessarily the guys who
inflict physical harm or intimidate. They could well
control a population of people who function as
goondas on election days. On other days they
could well work as lorry drivers or whatever. And
the head goon could actually own a fleet of lorries
and hire people for the purpose of capturing booths.

Several thousands of our Sardarjis got killed after
Indira Gandhi's murder. Rickshaw pullers on 'normal'
days chose to kill for the rickshaw-fleet-owner-head-goon
who in turn became such an owner-goon due to Indira.

I found remarkable that goondas are not confined
to any particular party. In fact, more goondas
captured booths for Janata party in 77 in these places.

Dont we read about Bihar these days in the news??

Dont we realise that the goings-on there pictures
symptoms of goondas ruling the roost????

Goondas may have a respectable front in the form,
body, shape, etc., of 'nice' people. The head goonda in
Bombay does this routinely. He made Dr. Gupte, a
respected gynacologist to become the mayor of
Bombay. After Dr. Gupte found that he got used
by the goon, he distanced himself.

Keshavananda, literate, thinking, etc.,., people make
sense in their respective mileus. In other places
brawn rules and not the brain.

I shall insert a few comments to your post below.

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