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clarification, etc.

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
folks: this msg was from Ram Narayanan, not from me. Great going, Mr.


(b) Mr. Narayanan appears to be completely off the mark in his msg;


I personally spoke to him about such issues at length in his visit to
Los Angeles last month about the need for us to reach out more humanely
to all people on the basis of essential principles if we are to be a
governable nation in the future. But Prof. Roy and Mr. Narayanan have
perhaps determined it appropriate to shut off debate on issues of deep
concern as human beings simply on grounds of the unpleasantness of such
issues or the allegedly greater patriotism that they might possess. That
won't do. And we should not be afraid to talk. India will survive
millions of debates, I assure you. Open your mind to all sides, is my
request. Calling people who dare to think more openly as free citizens,
various names such as 'small coterie of secessionists and other
anti-India elements' merely distracts from logical and cogent debate. If
you have any good points, speak up. Else, pl. do not use needless names.

Let us not get involved in such unfortunate use of words. IPI is NOT
sessionist and never will support session. IPI stands for free thinking
by all free Indians, and  debate on all topics is permissible if it
helps us reach a solution somewhere down the line. Please furnish your
solutions to each problem. IPI is not a problem. Waste not any energy
pulling down this fragile and bold group which is trying to tread the
path which none in free India ever did before: organizing an open debate
among free citizens in Free India. IPI is proud to be part of the
solution-finding mission. Let us all therefore find solutions and not
spend energy criticizing each other since we did not cause these
problems personally, in any case.

You did tell me, while in LA, about DMK in early 50s, and how its
sessionist tendencies were controlled. Why not let others know about
that? There is a great lesson in that.

Thus, my challenge, dear Sir (and I do admire you personally,
immensely): specify your solution to Kashmir and Assam and let us
incorporate that in the manifesto. Don't bash IPI - an act which helps
none anywhere in the world. Be ready to admit your own failure if you
have no solution. But please don't pass on the blame of India's problems
to some 'groups' and 'coteries,' which is our common, though completely
ill-founded and futile, pastime in India. We are each of us fully
responsible as citizens for what we see in India. Be a part of the
solution. Thanks, Sanjeev.

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