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Re: Calcutta renamed !

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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HI all,
       This is with reference to Rev. Amitabh Singh's mail. While I
appreciate his sentiment of the fact that the greater good of the
needs to be looked into first before trivial issues are dealt with, I
don't think that we are exactly in the dark ages of Indian history.
Anyway, that is another argument completely. I am from Chennai, and we
address Madras as Chennai while speaking in Tamil. To me it makes a lot
more sense to have everyone calling it the way I do. I am sure it would
the same for Kolikata or Mumbai. I am not sure of the other names that
rattled out (half of which might even be wrong, Assam was Kamarupa and
Anga, Anga is in Bihar), but if it is what the locals call it, then it
would make sense to change those too.While it is most certainly a
communist trick to rename Calcutta to improve their votes, it certainly
rooted in public approval too.


P.S: The history I studied under the "Secular" congress govt., spoke of
the Russian communist revolution in glowing tones. Now we all saw what
happened there. The govt. that we elect is the govt that we deserve.

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