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Calcutta renamed !

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Dear Friends,

I was shocked to read the headlines of yesterday's newspaper :
"India's Calcutta kicks colonial past with new name"
So we have renamed Calcutta to Kolkata to supposedly emphasise its
Bengali character. "It is a memorable day today because we have not only

freed ourselves from colonial hangover but also
rendered justice to history," said state Information and Cultural
Affairs Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya.

My personal comments on this are quite straight forward. I feel that we
become a nation which has lost its focus. We face real issues like
illiteracy, over population, lack of foreign exchange and unemployment

Let us for a few moments consider some of the things which we enjoy in
democracy today ?
Corrupt politicians, scandals and scams. We have no problem with our
Minister going to U.K. every year. Neither do we have problems with the
children of the rich, the corrupt and the famous being sent to UK and
for studies. We only have one problem and that is with our history.

Have we ever taken the time to go to Kalahandi in Orissa ?  I have.
Have you heard of babies being sold for Rs. 25 in modern India ? I have.

Have you heard of the murder of Graham Staines who was working for the
lepers in the year 1999 ? I have.

So is something wrong with India today ?
Our dear politicians will say, "Only one thing - our history !"

Our government continues to find precious time to waste on changing
Calcutta becomes Kolikata.
Bombay - Mumbai.
Madras - Chennai.

Should I recommend some more for the future. How about Delhi becoming
Hastinapur, Lucknow becoming Magadh, Patna becoming Pataliputra, Assam
becoming Ang and Orissa becoming Kalinga. I guess then our bid to shed
tag will be complete.

We destroy the Ayodhya mosque because history needs to be corrected.
The government in U.P. changes the history book because history has to
We need to kill Pakistanies because history has to be corrected.
We need to look down at Muslims and Christians because history has to be

And so from yesterday Calcutta is Kolikata because history has to be

My congratulations to the government for taking so much time in thinking

about the history. However in the midst of this we forgot something...
...we forgot our present !

I feel it is high time that we realised that someday we will also be
part of
a history text book. What a shame will it be if the next generation
back at us and calls us the "Dark Ages of Indian History".

Rev. Amitabh Singh

Amitabh Singh                                           Address :
Teacher, St. Xavier's College                   4 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road

Kalikata !                                              Calcutta - 700

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