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Re: Telecom petition

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Dear frog-in-a-well:

    While you and your friend are busy attacking me, the real oppressor is
more closer to home than you might be willing to admit.

    The Government of India (GoI) is the greatest oppressive institution setup
since the British Raj.  It has continued to serve its own interests and
exercised unnecessary controls on the Indian Economy.

    For example, what is this Export Oriented Scheme (EOU)?  Does any country
need such a scheme?  That is, if any company within a country can export,
would it not?  The EOU scheme is another brain-dead idea from the GoI to gain
more control over the Economy - unnecessary control.  This scheme has
elaborate restrictions such as "bonding" constraints for equipment shipped
from abroad, etc.  Why should the Government have a say in where the resources
go and where they are placed?  When money and equipment flow from foreign
shores into India, is it not creating jobs (wealth) for Indians?  Why have a
bureaucratic scheme like EOU restrict this flow of wealth?  Is the GoI really
interested in helping the poor through job creation?  Or has it imposed
distorted models on the Economy so the growth is limited?  While China
continues to grow twice as fast as India we can only wonder how fast we can
grow if it wasn't for the oppressive Government!

    Do we not see that if the Economy of India is strong, we can have the

    1. a strong military with high-tech equipment and warfare management.  So
much for that, since the GoI has done nothing to encourage the growth of
1st-tier technologies such as semiconductor manufacturing, etc.  Thanks to the
bureaucracy and bad infrastructure (example poor Telecom) no foreign capital
is being invested in this sector.
    2. Greater wealth for all Indians.  Jobs for everyone - high paying jobs
at that!
    3. Better roads, telecom, power, computers, housing, aerospace, space
stations, on and on.

    Unless we realize that GoI is the second British Raj and people take back
the country and tame the Government to serve the interests of the people, we
are doomed!!  Then, what happens in America and elsewhere is as relevent as a
rat's you know what....

Vamsi M.

Sidhant Jhaver wrote:

> now I get it... that is why we call it brain drain!
> an individual's brain goes down the drain when he goes to the West.
> An Indian who cannot recognize the great Indian civilization - which
> still stands the tallest, is but naturally a person influenced by the
> West.
> Mr. Vamsi:
> - America has the highest crime rate in the World
> - America produces 150 blue films a week, by far the most filthy.
> - Divorse rate in the US is among the highest
> - Although people live longer there, it is a country with the lowest
> family size (unless you include pets).
> - Highest %tage of elderly persons end up in old-age homes in the US!
> ...this is just the tip of the Iceberg.
> Yes, we can't create a Microsoft, a GM, or a Motorola... but you should
> be ashamed of "your" country - a hollow, value-less nation. I feel sorry
> that being born from the land of the yogis, you have chosen the pitiful
> path.
> on the positive side- you have all the time to change.
> - Sidhant

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