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Re: Telecom petition

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Girish wrote:

> Yes Mr. Vamsi
> When we learn, we have to....as you and many of your fellow "American
> Asians" have been advocating... learn from the great liberal West. And
> what have you have taught us on this debate. Well the best way to debate
> is to be offensive or condescending when caught on the wrong foot and/or
> have nothing concrete to respond with!

    How dare you speak of the great West that way?!!  Hasn't your Government
taught you anything?  Have you not been told to beg for Foreign Direct
Investment (FDI)?  Never mind about unshackling your economy from the
bureaucracy and giving the same freedom to your Entrepreneurs that they may
enjoy elsewhere, I thought the Government of India (GoI) is teaching people
like you to be obedient (oh, of course, do wag your tails once in a while).
Now, go along and be obedient and the West will throw you a bone once in a
while - just listen to your Government and you will be fed well!

    You see, Indians like are the greatest asset the West has!  We tell you to
do something and you do it because you can't possible do anything on your
own.  For example, you can't create a Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T, GM, Motorola,
Lockheed, on and on....but you can certainly get work done for them through
this FDI scheme.  Your Entrepreneurs have to come to the West to express their
talents.  We, in the West, have made sure that your Government will keep you
in line.

    Please don't step out of line like this again!!

Vamsi M.

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