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Re: Telecom petition

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    You won't fetch that stick is it?  Well then, let me try this one: you
see, people like you have taken abuses from the Government in the past.  You
don't even know how to stand up for yourself.  In essence, I don't have to
worry about respecting your individualism or your claims.  Your Government
won't treat you like an individual then why should I?

    What makes you think that I won't be able to get away with the same kind
of abuses the Government has been "spitting" on you for the past 50 years?
Comon' stop wagging the tail and answer the question!!

Vamsi M.

Girish wrote:

> On being asked to list your petition and the names of your 5000
> signatories you had replied. I quote:
> { The deregulation text is quiet complex.  You might not understand it.
> Please don't be offended or disappointed by this.  You will one day
> understand it though.
> About the 5000 people, they have asked their name to be kept
> confidential. I think they are worried that some bureaucrat who is big
> on institutional power might get hold of their names and addresses
> and......you know......}
> Mr. Vamsi. I don't want to read your text or see you secret signatories.
> But I do feel that if this debate is to remain serious your list should
> be checked by the moderators of this debate. And checked now. If your
> claims are true then 'all's well that end well'. If not I feel that this
> debate would be better off even if we have to make the supreme sacrifice
> of not hearing from you again.

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