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Re: Telecom petition

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Mr. Vamsi,
Your petition is as follows:

>Telecommunications for the People
>1.  We must immediately erect a monolithic institution that will take
care of
>all of our Telecom needs.  Sort of like a "People First" institution -
>oxymoron but be patient and you shall learn much.
>2.  This agency must posses enormous power so that it would not be
subject to
>competition; hence, it can totally concentrate on the needs of the
>We, in India, believe that if you envision humble goals for an
institution it
>will follow them diligently, without any abuse of power, etc.
>3.  A check and balance framework is unnecessary.  That is, a good
>institution's power need not be checked but must be left alone to
provide its
>services to the people - no accountability, nothing.  Just "how to
>manual is fine.
>4.  We will staff this institution with "good" citizens who will attend
to the
>needs of the people.  Never mind the fact that self-interest is a
>constant of the human equation.  These good folks will overcome their
>and look out for the needs of the people - no checks and balances, etc.

>5.  Growth in the Telecom Infrastructure can be achieved through a
>"good" institution which preaches "People First".  No need for an
>driving force like competition, innovation, etc.

>    Please sign this great petition and help India become a

On being asked to list your petition and the names of your 5000
signatories you had replied. I quote:
{ The deregulation text is quiet complex.  You might not understand it.
Please don't be offended or disappointed by this.  You will one day
understand it though.
About the 5000 people, they have asked their name to be kept
confidential. I think they are worried that some bureaucrat who is big
on institutional power might get hold of their names and addresses
and......you know......}

Mr. Vamsi. I don't want to read your text or see you secret signatories.

But I do feel that if this debate is to remain serious your list should
be checked by the moderators of this debate. And checked now. If your
claims are true then 'all's well that end well'. If not I feel that this

debate would be better off even if we have to make the supreme sacrifice

of not hearing from you again.

Girish Nair

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