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changes in "law of corruption."

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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noticed some poor language on these 'laws' page. the following is the
new language at


In other words, Mr. X must be willing to lose heavily and place
his family in great jeopardy. He will almost for sure suffer great

Of course, if Mr. X has great inherited wealth, he might wish to
'sacrifice' it for the common good.
In other words, Mr. X might well be an altruist.

The question is, are we best served by self-sacrificial altruists or,
alternatively, imprudent fools who jeopardize their own families?

The reality, as we well know, is far more sinister and mean and lowly.
Such people (whether fools or altruists) do not enter politics - at
least on a large scale. In reality, given the nature of the fact that
losses are incurred during the process of representing the people, only
with huge black money, and those morally comfortable with making illicit
transactions, enter this area.

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