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Re: wisdom? Whose?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Charu datt wrote:

> Not that I endorse licence raj, but I fail to see how 'rapid expansion
> of infrastructure' will happen in areas where it is unprofitable.

    Then, certainly don't discourage rapid expansion of infrastructure in
areas where it is possible by having high license fees where new and
aggressive companies CANNOT enter the market.  The more the merrier - for a
rapid expansion of infrastructure.

    As for expanding infrastructure in areas where it is unprofitable, let the
people migrate elsewhere and certainly give them that freedom but of course, I
am sure we have a license raj here too.

    Right now, the GoI policies are such that we don't want to encourage rapid
expansion in areas where it is possible (thanks to license raj) and we don't
want to give the freedom to the people to move to such areas, either.  Even
more than freedom, we should be encouraging people to move to such areas -
they will have better lives.  GoI's double-whammy on the Indian population!

Vamsi M.

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