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RE: Kashmir: Are We Right?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Dear Indranil

If  things were as simple as you put it, then there is no need for any
discussion, expression or debate over ideas. A single minded committment
a concept, defending something at the cost of everything, is the very
for decadence and under development.

You have made two statements
1)Our Bharathbhoomi is sacred
2)The unity of India is preferable because its diverse people belong to
one civilization, one culture and wedded together to a single idea of
pluralistic democracy.

If our Bharathbhoomi is sacred, then sacred on what grounds?
And what in your opninion is BharathBhoomi? Do not forget that India is
an entity that took birth fifty years ago. Before that for centuries it
just a number of warring states with a social system that in no way can
called admirable or egalitarian. To attach holiness to such an entity
definitely requires some explanation.

The second assertion that India is one civilization and its members
to one culture is as far away from truth as can be. Surely no Tamil or
Malayali can claim that he is culturally, linguistically, ethnically or
racially related to a Punjabi, or Naga or Kashmiri or Gujarati or a
Neither can a Bengali claim to related in any of these ways to a
Malayali or
Tamil or Kannadiga. Particularly, religion cannot also be a binding
because Hindus, Muslims Chrisitans etc are present throughout many
of India. Even if say Hinduism is a binding religion, it is merely a
superficial assertion for none of these people know what precisely ther
Hindu beliefs are. It is just a vague conception in minds of most Hindus
such a superficial belief cannot be a binding factor.

India is country loosely held together by some abstract concept of
Indianness which no one knows for sure what exactly it is. Unless the
existence of this state is moved onto a more substantial ground, then
such a
fragile foundation is bound to collapse at some time or the other.

The belief in pluralistic democracy which you have stated is one
ground on which India exists. Now this idea of pluralistic democracy is
being called into question by what is happening in Kashmir, that is
precisely why we need to debate and come up with a satisfactory
for our actions and existence.

And, soldiers are dying in Kargil and Drass, and the security that they
given to rest of us Indians is not to be spend "kicking away intersting
ideas in such forums " as you have rightly stated, but to figure out how

such future conflicts can be avoided and to formulate such methods we
require discussions and debates.

Do not forget that milliions and millions of people have died throughout
history of the world trying to defend wrong ideas. Can you imagine
of Russians were killed under Stalin for the sake of maintainig
Or that millions of Jews were killed on the belief that Aryans were a
superior race?


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