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Constrained choice

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Krishnan said
> In summary what I would like to state to you is that giving
> the right to
> self determination to the constituting members is also not necessarily
> the
> correct solution to achieve an ideal democracy. The history
> of Amereica
> is
> good example, when the Northern States forcefully denied the right to
> self
> determination to the Southern States. The United States remained as a
> state
> because of this forceful denial of self determination to some of its
> members. And today US is the most economically powerful
> nation and I am
> sure
> if a poll is conducted in the Southern States as to whether
> they wanted
> to
> seceede from the Union today, I am sure you would agree with
> me that the
> answer would be a definite "no".

no choice can be ever offered if violence is used. In other words, I am
in favor of heavily curbing any armed rebels. But open debate is most
welcome. Unfortunately, in India we BAN any organization which talks of
secession. I want us to not ban anyone, but force them to debate in
public in a structured manner.

Having said that, CHOICE and SELF-DETERMINATION are eternal principles
that need a STRUCTURED and fair allowance in our Constitution, if it is
to take us into the future successfully.

I have already proposed a structured method about 4-5 mths ago on this
debate. check out






passionate responses were the trend then. Are we ready to debate
FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS, yet, in India, or are we still
happy to be stooges of the Police state that was given to us by the

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