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for the Preamble

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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Nation, government, citizens and markets

 To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who
compose it, not something over and above them.
 The citizens of a free nation, when voluntarily exchanging goods and
services, and valuing these goods and services through their interaction
are said to constitute a market. In this mode of interaction, individual
choice is given full respect. This mode may not be the best mode or even
a feasible mode of interaction, for all situations.

proposed to add:

*  "A nation is intrinsically a voluntary association of its members.
Like any other association, it is always in perennial competition with
the other nations of the world to retain and attract the best 'fruits'
of the earth: the brightest, most competent, and the wealthiest human
beings of the world, of each crop of men and women(generation).

* "That India has failed in retaining much of its best fruit and has
summarily failed in attracting the best fruit of other nations is a
clear pointer to fundamental failings to provide the competitive
features found in some other nations. India has also failed to prevent a
constant expansion of groups which wish to leave India and take away its
land. The time to review the existing arrangements and to seriously
detect the shortcomings in the socio-political-economic package provided
by India to human beings of the modern world has arrived.

"While we say we offer a democracy, do we really offer one, or only a
hollow shell where only self-declared liars (who lie on their electoral
finance returns) can enter the realm of politcal leadership? While we
say we offer freedom to be an entrepreneur, and spend crores of rupees
on 'entrepreneurship development programmes' across the length and
breadth of India, do we really allow it? While we say we offer freedom
of expression, do we really allow it? Can our citizens open their own
private radio and TV stations and say what they want, as free and
sovereign citizens of the world?

"Why is it that 50 years after gaining political freedom, we are not
even able to retain, let alone attract, our best human capital? We are
not really a free nation, it would appear, in brief. All forms of
capital tends to flee India. Something is really wrong in our
association called India."

Please vet and approve.


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