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challenge to Mr. Vijay

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    Your 120-page report might be very complex.  There is the risk that
ordinary people, like myself, might not understand it.  So, I propose
the following: let us debate one-on-one rather than you having to "dump"
the enormously complex report on our head.

    Ordinary people on this board, like myself, know too well about the
pages of reports produced by GoI each year.  But we are all curious
about the simpler concepts.  So, let us bite into bits and pieces first.

    For example, the DoT has given itself the "privilege" of expanding
the rural telecom network.  To accomplish this "humble" task, it claims
the right to extort huge amounts of money in the form of license fees
from the private sector elsewhere in the country.  So I ask: would it
not serve the interests of the rural population if the private sector
itself was given incentives to enter the rural telecom market instead of
first extorting money from these firms and then diverting them to the
rural areas through an inefficient organization like DoT?

    I am asking a simple thing here: why do people of India think that
DoT will make better use of capital resources to expand the rural
telecom than, say, the private sector?  Then why else would we allow the
DoT to charge high license fees elsewhere so that it can expand the
rural telecom?  It seems that we are getting shot twice - (1) by
charging high license fees elsewhere the consumer is having to
ultimately bear the burden of high telecom costs and (2) the rural
consumer is getting low quality services for their hard-earned money
through the DoT (where a private sector firm could have done a better

    Please debate on these points and spare us the lengthy report which
you have promised.

Vamsi M.

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