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the greatest threat to India!!!

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    I have always maintained that Pakistan is a short-term nuisance.
You see, a bad little boy like Pak needs a big brother to help it carry
out its mischief.  China is the greatest threat to India.  Its Economy
is like an advanced space-travel machine compared to India's cottage
industry - no joke!  As for its military, well, they produce everything
from warplanes to submarines!!  We have to import the throw always from
other countries to feed our rag-tag military.  Here is more proof of
China's long-term plans.
Chinese intelligence, having penetrated India's
nuclear facilities just as it did with sensitive US laboratories,
tipped off its ``longtime ally, Pakistan'' about Indian ``nuclear
readiness''. This compelled Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
to ``race to Washington'' to seek President Clinton's mediation.

This is the ``theory'' offered by one of America's best-known
columnists, William Safire, in The New York Times on Friday.
Known for his excellent connections in the innards of successive
administrations - especially on intelligence matters - Safire, in his
essay titled ``For 3K Freedom'', analysing self-determination for
Kashmiris, Kurds and Kosovars, states that what has got the
world so ``touchy'' is that ``India and Pakistan are now nuclear
powers, and a third war between them could depopulate the

He writes that China wants its ally Pakistan to back off because
world pressure on India to end its occupation of Kashmir would
set a ``precedent for Tibet''. Having obtained Clinton's ``personal
interest'', Sharif dashed back to tell his generals they had made
their point - and should now ``pull back those supposedly
freelancing liberators''. Climbing the mountain peak to survey the
``international trend toward protectoration'', Safire, who also
prides on displaying his investigative prowess in what is essentially
a ``views column'', proffers the ingenious idea of a ``protectorate''
status in Kashmir.


* Chinese intelligence has penetrated the Indian nuclear

* Beijing believes India is in nuclear readiness, and Pakistan was
tipped off on this

* Nawaz Sharif rushed to Washington following this tip-off

* Like Kosovo, Kashmir should be turned into a protectorate

Vamsi M.

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