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Kashmir question

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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"....as long as either party continues, in spite of all the agreements
signed so far, to make overt or covert threats against
the other. ..."

I tend to disagree with this simplistic conclusion. Facts enlisted are
in dispute, but if you have followed the Lahore Initiative of AB Bajpai
government earlier this year, then you will agree that it is just one
the Pakistan that doesn't seem to see the reason. What Bajpai did was
best you could expect from India. I am not hopeful of anything like that

happening anytime soon after Kargil. It is not "either party" but this
it is just one party, that is Pakistan, that is bent upon keeping this
problem alive and prolong. No, this problem is even farther from being
solved then it ever was, even worse then the situation in 1947, 65, or
The reason being the fact that this time,it is not just the Army and
politicians, but even the common man is involved thanks to the extensive

Television coverage of the war front. It is a double edged sword. On the
hand, the television coverage of the war front engages people and helps
participate in finding any resolution, one the other, it also makes it
politically disastrous for any government to go beyond what Bajpai has
to do, while the other party keeps on betraying the trust that is posed
it every time.


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