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Re: demise of Aerospace Industry?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    Charu my man, where have you been?  Glad you joined.  It was getting kinda
dull without a good debator.  Anyhow, I want to highlight one of sentences:

Charu datt wrote:

> [significantly] a development of world dominance in these technologies,
> consolidating international power of the governments of these countries.
> These models are hardly a model of free market capitalism but I digress.

    "Free Market Capitalism" has nothing to do with where the "startup"
capital for these companies was obtained (taxpayer, stock market).  So don't
digress!  Jump right in my man.  The ownership of Boeing is the point which
you are struggling with.  You can buy Boeing stocks, even if you are a common
man, from way back when!!  Regardless of where the startup capital was raised
from the ownership of Boeing and its management responsibilities followed a
Capitalist Model.  The fact that the US Government awarded projects to other
companies to keep them "competing" is even better....

    Maybe, I was advocating subsidy for the Indian Entreprenuers and the
taxpayer would give in the startup capital - it might create a hell of a lot
of jobs in the future.  Hey, a job is a lot better than having to beg for Rs 2
per kg of rice but I digress.

    Glad you could join us, once again, Charu, buddy!

Vamsi M.

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