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Rajeev's institutional power.....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    It is important for this forum to discuss about Rajeev's recent
suggestions - you know, "People First...."  I am not clear on whether he
is advocating more institutional power or less - this is absolutely

    Current India or GoI is not "people first", we know that.  GoI is no
different than the British Raj and if we don't get this message out to
the people or if we are not clear on this point then forget
everything!!  This is why I ask Rajeev to please clarify what he means
by "People First...."

    This is very important because the socialists of India have
established self-serving monopolies like DoT by preaching the same thing
- "People First...."   We all know where the people rank when it comes
to the DoT!!  The only way to deal with rogue institutions like DoT is
to curtail their power or better, to check their power through
competition.  Hence, I ask again, Rajeev please clarify where you stand
on Institutional Power?

Vamsi M.

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