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demise of Aerospace Industry?

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    I have a naive question for you - I am very good at this: Why
doesn't the GoI find a couple of talented Aerospace guys from IIT and
give them startup capital (no interest loan) to launch a company?

    After a few years, the GoI can award fighter development projects to
the private sector to get state-of-the-art equipment for IAF.  In fact,
GoI can encourage many such companies in the beginning by giving them
interest-free loans.  You see, space travel is going to be a big thing
next century and any country without a strong aerospace industry will be
left in the dust!!

    I think the real problems to the aerospace industry in India are the
laws made by AAI and such agencies - they are rediculous and do not
encourage growth in this sector.  You see, many jobs are lost this way
to Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, etc.  Thanks to GoI, no foreign company
has anything worry about - especially competition.

Vamsi M.

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