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Another useful issue

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Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 10:21:24 +0500
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Subject: In Defence of Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty;

The latest issue of our newsletter _In Defence of Liberty_ is now on our
web site. Please check it out. Comments and criticism will be most

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This issue of the newsletter looks in to the Kashmir conflict. It suggests
that unlike an armed conquests, a victory by the market forces leave no
victims, only winners - peace and prosperity.
Prof. Tibor Machan looks into the basic role of the military in the context
of the crisis in Kosovo. From Belgrade, Tomisalv Kresmovic, a human rights
activist, upholds the primacy of individual rights as a way out of the
ethnic warfare. 

In the run up to the Indian elections, we look in to the first issue that
has come up - Who is an Indian.

We celebrate the centenary of F. A. Hayek, which fell on 8 May 1999. 

In the environment section, the argument is that a free market is the
natural ally of the environment. In the second policy issue, Rakesh Wadhwa
notes the futility of banning lotteries.

Book Review: Pramit Pal Chaudhuri reviews _The Commanding Heights_ by
Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw. The book is a narative history of the
way ideas of the marketplace gained over statism in recent decades.

Thank you.
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