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Where is Subcontinental Islam going to go?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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The key difference between Pakistani Muslims and Indian Muslims seems to
that the former have been reared on a  diet of official anti-Hindu
propaganda  (it is not anti-Indian so much as anti-Hindu specifically),
while the latter mostly feel themselves a part of a larger, older
civilisation as well as being Muslims by faith and culture.
Pakistanis feed themselves the myth that they are all, to the last one
perhaps, descended from ancient warrior stock in Muslim invasions of
and have no Hindu anrtecedents.  India's Muslims know that the majority
the subcontinent's Muslims are descended from converts from Hinduism.   
myself I have little doubt that the Hindu/Islamic interaction has been a
productive and fruitful one for our civilization as a whole -- but my
personal hopes for an India/Pak confederation have faded completely as a
result of Kargil.   Pakistan as a country appears hell-bent on
self-destruction and war with a secular India.

Subroto Roy.

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