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Re: [Sharif is right....]

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
<<    India's strength seems to be in the Software sector.  Hence, this
the sector that should be thrown open completely - no Export Oriented
Units (EOUs), nothing.  The argument for this is simple: since we are
the strongest in the world in this sector, no one can possibly compete
with us if the sector was thrown open.  Jobs for Indians would be
shifted from elsewhere into India - wealth would be transferred to
Indians!  Regulating a sector in which we have strength in only dampens
the blow that we can deliver to the world.  Our advantages are fast
disappearing in this sector and the control systems created by GoI are
becoming more rigid.  It seems that we are responsible for our own
misery and a backward economy.

Well it is one thing to get something by lobbying for it and an other
altogether to get it by its sheer technical merit. You know the kind of
systemic skew we experience by something which is capital-driven rather
demand driven.

There are three issues here-- (a) centralized control by govt where your
wants to control all pies (b) decentralized/privatized, with the
control centers (the decision making bodies) are within the Indian
system and
hence are able to enjoy value that they add and suffer consequences of
mistakes and (c) globalization, where control is decentralized, and it
is more
likely the case that the nerve centers lie outside the Indian system,
and are
bound by a different set of policies and are not affected by
consequences of
fallouts in India, and...

Needless to say, my case is for (b), and not (a) and not (c) either. In
the neo-liberal lobby seems to be taking us from configuration (a) to
configuration (c) and replacing an incorrect configuration with another
incorrect configuration.

I am just about finish a cogitation on economic philosophy and the
notion of
money-vs-value; but no time as yet to complete writing those things
down. I'll
do that asap; but only leave a note that we had better start seriously
thinking about economic development, and in a way that lets us still
reasonable control over our affairs.


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