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Private Truths, Public Lies

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> Arindam Roy wrote:

> > My other journalist friends would agree with me that a similar insecurity,
> > fear and frustration lurk in the minds of these politicians. How many times
> > such people air their honest inner feelings in private! 

This is precisely what Professor Timur Kuran (our new Advisor) has
explored at length in his book, "Private Truths, Public Lies."

This is what our life in this world has become. A fake world. A world
where to preserve the rank and "social stature" of someone, or of a
concept called "government" we speak in whispers in our kitchens. There
are more than 10 serving or retired/resigned IAS officers on this list.
They whisper in the shadows. There are many more who are afraid. We are
all afraid. Of what? Of ourselves? Our shadows?

As they say, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Let the truth be
broadcast on rooftops, from the radio, from the TV, from the internet.

[sorry; i'm actually killing my hands; must stop]

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