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Re: Orissa Incident - Hate Crime

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Dear Dr. Roy

I agree with the gist of what you have said on what qualifies to be a 
Hate Crime.

One point of disagreement is

>  This was not a mere law and order problem;
>the victims were killed because, repeat because, of their ethnicity 
>religious beliefs or practises.  Ergo, their constitutionally 
>Fundamental Rights were violated in the process of the criminal act of


but that
>surely has nothing much to do with what happened in Orissa a few nights
>Subroto Roy.

The selective liquidation of Kashmiri Pandits and their eviction from 
the valley is definitely more than a law and order problem and pretty 
much meets the criteria that you yourself have outlined
   - Ethnicity
   - Religious Beliefs
making it as much a hate crime as the incident in Orissa. The mere fact 
that these incidents happened in the backdrop of terrorism in J&K should 
not lead us to believe they were co-incidental. The targetting has been 
pretty selective rendering to a mass scale exodus from the valley.


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