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Orissa Incident - Hate Crime/Civil Rights/Morality

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

- Responding to Dr. Roys description of his moral philosophy. Frankly I
dont know much about the school of thought he mentioned. The reasons he
outlined are quite valid and indisputable. I just hope we apply same the

yardstick to all hate crimes.

- Indranil's point on Kashmiri incidents is quite valid. We have had a
very selective reaction to incidents in our country. Something very
selective about the way we treat minorytism & majoritism.

An incident quite unrelated to this debate but brings out this point
occured today at Tirupathi when A.P. Congress leaders brushed aside
suggestion by TTD Authorities for Ms. Sonia Gandhi to a sign a
declaration before she entered the temple.
  - The religious beliefs of Ms. Gandhi are irrelevant to me.
  - The moral/logical correctness of the TTD practise is irrelevant to
  - Here is a custom of the TTD which has been in vogue for years.
  - A custom to which practising Muslims like Farooq Abdullah & Jaffer
    Sharief have obliged.
  - And here we have a situation were one individual has just ignored
 - And this was not because
   - Ms. Sonia Gandhi has gone one record stating her religious
   - Nor because there was a public debate where it was agreed to by
     all concerned that such a declaration was unecessary.
 - But only because
    - There was a bunch of Bajarang Dal activists opposing her entry.
    - An act of signing the declaration would be construed as giving
      them a moral victory.
 - Which means its "Politically Correct" to brush aside a custom
   disrespecting the traditions of a temple because its a majoritarian
   faith. I would be delighted to see the same yardstick applied to
   a minoritarian institution with the same degree of indifference and

  I dont really care about Ms. Gandhi's religious leanings, I dont care
about the Bajarang Dals opposition to her entry. What really upsets me
is the temerity with which a tradition has been trampled and
disrespected - Not because of its merits/demerits, But purely out of
political considerations before which the majoritarian faith has been
deemed negotiable.

This is what pains me about selective morality.


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