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Re: 1 out of 150: AR's Reply

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Hi Umesh,

You were phonetically more correct to spell my name 'Arindom'. Well,
that's how my name is pronounced in Bengali. 

You are right to point out that we are nostalgic about the past. We tend
to remember the good things. Well, that's the selective perception of all
Good people. Perhaps Providence and Nature has its own laws ! 

By '...our father's generation', I did not mean just the generation(s) of
the past alone. I also said that our value commitments (not value
loadings) are eroding very fast. May be this was not very clear. My fault. 

I agree with you. Lets take the honest people now. A friend of mine had
once said that the passive honest are more dangerous than the corrupt. A
dishonest man atleast does the work ( for a price), but the passive honest
neither take bribe nor do any work. They are anti-work, anti-progress,who
help in slowing down the prosperity of the nation. No, this is no argument
in favour of the corrupt and the dishonest. He said that we need the
dynamic honest. 

A dynamic honest person is one who is prepared to take risks and still
remain honest. In today's India it is becoming increasingly difficult to
remain dynamic and honest. The shameful killing of a Christian missionary
and his two minor sons are a case in point. 

Other than communal, religious and political issues, the anger of the mob
was directed at their dynamism as well.  Conversion was just a convenient
cause to incite the mob. This is a dangerous trend. Yes, the dynamism of
good people is being resented by the perversely corrupt. 

No Umesh, I have not given up hope. Not as yet. 

 I, as a journalist, am perceiving a dark India in the twilight of
millennium. Some IAS officers,in private discussions, accepted that the
media's harshest criticism was for their own good, a guideline of sorts.
But when it came to action (corrective or obligatory), there was little
that they could do. Too many pressures (insecurity included). They are
frustrated.  Individually they are amongst the best brains of the country.
They are trained to tackle crises. Yet they feel that solutions are
slipping away like quicksand. They say it was not so five years back. May
be the past is always more rosy, but these frustrations and insecurities
are real as well. 

One of them told me, off the record (about two months back) that he will
remember the grim Nineties all his life. (" En netao ki tanasahi sari
zindagi nahin bhoolonga", to quote his exact words.) 

All sane people are pained. Sorry for the cliche, but there seems to be
absolute corruption though no single party has absolute majority. 

How can I sing a happy song when there are tears all around me ? 


Arindam Roy

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