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Re: Civil Rights - Orissa Incident

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Shashi Shekhar wrote:

>Dear friends
>Dr. Roy's suggestion that we have a distinct set of laws for dealing
>with incidents of hate crime originating from
>ethnicity/religion/language etc is very appropriate and I endorse it.
>It some times make me wonder however(No offense or reference to Dr. 
>Roy)that why is our conscience pricked so selectively. Selective 
>massacres of Kashmiri Pandits in J&K as much a hate crime as is the 
>immolation of Mr. Staines, as are the acts of ethnic cleansing in the 
>North East-but somehow all of the rest dont seem to have evoked the 
>same kind of national outrage. Especially those involving the >Kashmiri 
Pandits & the North East Tribes horrific incidents of >ethnic/communal 

I agree with Shashi that the news media (be it the New York Times or
the big city English dailys such as Statesman, TOI, etc) only get
worked up when members of the "right" religion(s) are impacted. Why
else does the horrific Orissa story make Page 1 in the NYT, whereas the 
massacre in Wandham where 25 Kashmiri Pandit families were butchered in 
cold blood does not even merit a paragraph. Even in India
the Kashmir story was downplayed so as not to "provoke" communal
tension. This double standard goes all the way back to Nehru's policy
of distinguishing "honest"  communalism (read, non-Hindu) versus
"false" communalism (Hindu). The logic is that members of the minority 
communities have the "moral authority" to commit violent acts against
the majority community simply because they are the minority. However,
when the majority community acts in a similar fashion, it is considered 
a "hate" crime. This is the kind of perverse logic which 
has brought India to such a pass.

Regarding "hate crime" laws, I really don't see the need for them.
Murder is murder, no matter the identity of the perpetrator or the
victim. Let's prosecute and punish people based on the crime
committed, regardless of the motivation with which they committed it. 

These kinds of laws will only serve to reinforce the "identity
politics" which has become the bane of Indian society. 



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