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Civil Rights and Moral Reasoning

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>>Dr. Roy's suggestion that we have a distinct set of laws for dealing
>>with incidents of hate crime originating from
>>ethnicity/religion/language etc is very appropriate and I endorse it.
>>It some times make me wonder however
>>(No offense or reference to Dr. Roy)
>>that why is our conscience pricked so selectively. Selective massacres
>>of Kashmiri Pandits in J&K as much a hate crime as is the immolation =
>>Mr. Staines, as are the acts of ethnic cleansing in the North East - =
>>somehow all of the rest dont seem to have evoked the same kind of
>>national outrage.

My reply:  Moral reasoning is a complex matter having to do with subtle =
differences in
circumstances.  I am the disciple of the Cambridge philosopher Renford
Bambrough (Moral Scepticism and Moral Knowledge, Routledge 1979) in the =
matter.   It will be too long to list the reasons why this was =
especially horrific, but they have to do with such facts as these:

>the victims were sleeping
>the victims had no reasonable expectation of danger
>the victims included young children
>the victims included persons who were foreigners in India
>the victims were not known to be partisans in any conflict
>other people who tried to help them were forcibly prevented from doing =
Subroto Roy.

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