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Re: Media Debate - Closing Comments

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Hello Shashi, 

It is perfectly all right to ask to stop debating on a subject if it
gets to a point where you think it does not make any sense to go on.
However, I want to say a few things as perhaps as final response. 

Firstly, the way the fourth estate(i.e. print and electronic media)
operates in India is something definitely worth improving a lot, and
therefore, you definitely raised a subject which was very important, and
will continue to remain a subject worthy of good discussion for a long
time to come. 

Secondly, regarding the biased reporting and how misinformation is
perpetuated to serve a political purpose. 
1. News reporters are also human being raised in the atmosphere where
they themselves 
   are bound to have their own somewhat biased perspective, which
unfortunately gets
   reflected in their reporting at times. This is wrong, but the
solution is more
   media competition, alternative sources of information dissemination
to public, and 
   with time, some maturity on the part of media/reporters. Educated and
   consumers of information like your & I will have a big role to play
in straightening 
   this out as much as it is practically possible.
2. Bajrang Dal has been rightly or wrongly criticized in the past for
their radical 
   views and actions. Any organization holding rather extreme right wing
positions are 
   bound to have its extreme supporters as well as detractors, and that
includes media
   organizations too.
3. Any organization, for having their presence in public, must face test
of time. There
   are bound to be criticisms, just and sometime unjust, for, this
world, and in that, 
   India, is still far from a perfect democracy. They must defend
themselves, as, I 
   suppose they are doing, including with the help of our Home Minister.
Only time will 
   tell whether they succeed in removing the wrong impression created
about this 

Lot of times, lot of good organizations don't succeed because of their
wrong perception among public. But you cannot change their fate unless
you are able to prove that such a perception was created as part of an
organized conspiracy. I hope you don't assume that almost all of the
newspapers were involved in such a conspiracy. They could very well be
wrong in this incident, but then give the readers some credit to sort
this out.


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