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Re: No Good People Joining Politics...?

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Umesh Tiwari wrote:
> Hi Arindam,
> It is certainly okay for IPI or any such organization to bring people of
> common interest together, all of whom should be considered good people
> without any discrimination until someone has proven to be otherwise by
> his/her own actions.
> In fact it is rather dangerous to create some definition of good people,

Dear Umesh & Arindam,
An effort of this kind has been started at the National level by
Foundation for Humanization. The first national meeting of this effort,
in which more than 60 organizations and other individuals are
participating is in progress right now at Bombay [ 27 to 29 Jan ]. More
meetings are scheduled for other parts of India - involving hundreds of
organizations. A meeting will take place in Delhi on the 13th &
More details are at http://differentindia.org

It is very important that like minded people come together and start
working for a different India.

Peace, Force & Joy!
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