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Re: No Good People Joining Politics...?

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Hi Arindam,

It is certainly okay for IPI or any such organization to bring people of

common interest together, all of whom should be considered good people
without any discrimination until someone has proven to be otherwise by
his/her own actions.

In fact it is rather dangerous to create some definition of good people,

or leaders. Natural leaders are the leaders you naturally know when you
find them around. One, although very very limited example of it would
be, say ,when you watch a group discussion organized for the purpose of
selecting a natural leader (for the limited purpose for a job
recruitment) among equally qualified, and knowledgeable people sitting
around a table. The recruitment managers just know within a matter of
less then an hour as to who can naturally command a leadership position
while everyone else would be willing to accept the position of following

the leader.

But in my arguments, I did not mean to limit leadership with this kind
of definition. A leader, in my mind, would be someone, who tries to do
the right things, lives life within his society in such a way that
his/her own example becomes inspiration for others, and he/she also
sincerely believes in molding public opinions about the things that
ought to be changed in the society, he/she does not hesitate to take
firm stand on what is right and wrong while staying calm and civilized.
That he/she gives a real sense of hope to others around, no matter what
happens. The list goes on. I have my wish list, you have yours, a leader

would be the one who can take both you and I along to follow him/her.
That is tough, but nobody said it was an easy task.

Television and media may create celebrities, it may help people form
opinions about someone, good or bad, but the natural leaders create
their leadership position themselves by investing their unique way of
life in it. A natural leader doesn't have to be the prime minister, or
the president, but wherever he/she is, he/she inspires a lot of people
around to follow him or his example to do the things his way, or
interpret facts about life his/her way. That's how I think we have
traveled thus far in our journey of civilization.

Thank You.


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