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Civil Rights - Orissa Incident

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Dear friends

Dr. Roy's suggestion that we have a distinct set of laws for dealing
with incidents of hate crime originating from
ethnicity/religion/language etc is very appropriate and I endorse it.

It some times make me wonder however
(No offense or reference to Dr. Roy)
that why is our conscience pricked so selectively. Selective massacres
of Kashmiri Pandits in J&K as much a hate crime as is the immolation of
Mr. Staines, as are the acts of ethnic cleansing in the North East - but

somehow all of the rest dont seem to have evoked the same kind of
national outrage.

Especially those involving the Kashmiri Pandits & the North East Tribes
- horrific incidents of ethnic/communal cleansing.

Which prompts me to bring up something unrelated but very important, Do
we have any North East representation on IPI. I think the people of the
North East feel the most alienated from the national mainstream given
the lack of national attention to their unique problems. Maybe we need
to contact and get them involved with IPI.


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