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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

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Arvind Kumar wrote:

> ---prabhu.guptara@ny.ubs.com wrote:
> >
> > But you are right: I should include government
> control in some sense among my
> > points - though I have not yet found a succinct way
> of doing so in view of the
> > fact that some types of government control does not
> seem to add to corruption
> > (eg. in Singapore - at least so far!).
> >
> Maybe, the government should control only what it is
> supposed to? Politics is one thing people are not
> very much particular about entering even in singapore.
> If the government denies to the people what they want
> and what they they should rightly have, I am sure it
> will lead to corruption.
> Heritage Foundation lists Singapore as the second
> most free country when it comes to Economic Freedom.
> -Arvind
> __________

I agree with Arvind and would add that what i claimed was that no country we
know is corrupt which doesn't also have extensive government control of the
economy.  The converse is not always true--a centrally planned economy--the
most extensive form of govt control--could be corruption free, at least if the
"corruption" is defined in the traditional way.  Soviet Union or the present
China were/are not seen to be corrupt countries.

Singapore has strict laws about drug use and spitting in public places but
allows a great degree of economic freedom.


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