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Re: 1 out of 150: Reply

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Hello Umesh,

Thanks for your reply.

I agree with you. In fact, both of us are saying similar (though not the
same) thing.  When I said that often Good people have to look the other
way, I did not imply (or want to imply) that such people are powerless. In
a way, their tolerance for the Bad expands. 

 An example.The honest few amongst government officials, who still do not
take bribe, in cash or kind, do not mind a little 'Nashta-pani' (tea
&snacks). Our fathers'   generation  would have despised such behaviour. To
them even this was bribe, but not so any longer. Next, various arguments are
forwarded by these so-called good people like 'Sanskar', 'Sistachar', etc.
Thus, what was poison for one generation is food for another. I had several
such experiences.

While we are talking of TQM , ISO, etc in various other areas world over, we
seem to have settled for a lower value in our day to day life. To my mind,
human ethics perched techno-ethics and in fact are more important. This
concept needs to be popularised in public life for a meaningful condition,
and  a pre requisite for a better election system, etc.

Sorry for the delay in replying. Your note caught me in a busy schedule.

Arindam Roy

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