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Needed in India: a Union Civil Rights Act

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The abomination that happened in Orissa with the murder of Mr. Stein and his
two young sons makes it vital to introduce a Union Civil Rights Act in India
on the American pattern.    This was not a mere law and order problem; the
victims were killed because, repeat because, of their ethnicity and/or
religious beliefs or practises.   Ergo, their constitutionally guaranteed
Fundamental Rights were violated in the process of the criminal act of
murder.  In such a situation in the USA, the Federal Government would
prosecute for murder as well as under the Civil Rights Act; here in India it
is not, repeat not, enough for the Union Government to pass the
responsibility to the State Government alone.    If we want to learn
something from the Americans, we should start with the Civil Rights Act.

Subroto Roy.

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