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Re: Press Freedom - Issues

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---prabhu.guptara@ubs.com wrote:
>      As for your question: "Why is every single
incident of violence 
>      against christians receiving such exposure?",
I would have thought the 
>      answer was simple: this is the first time that
a lawfully-constituted 
>      government in India has been in bed with
groups inciting communal 
>      hatred, with the results that we all see 

This is not the first time. Remember 1984? Sikhs were
burnt alive and some people involved were rewarded
for their courageous deed with cabinet berths by an
illustrous member of the dynasty.

As for the attacks on Christians being reported, I 
would say that this is the first time that such crimes
against chrristians have taken place on this scale.
It will be even more tragic if these crimes become so
routine like the caste clashes that even the media
starts ignoring them.

Shashi, let us not pretend that the Bajrang Dal was not
behind the killing of the person who helped lepers.
They were behind the killings.

Today's paper says that the Ranvir Sena gunned down
21 Dalits. Should the papers not mention Ranvir Sena by
name? A couple of years back, papers also mentioned 
that Sukh Ram had crores of rupees wrapped in 
bedsheets. Should this fact be supressed and should we
wait for the court to say that he did indeed have
crores in his bedsheets?

The fact that Bajrang Dal hasn't sued any of the papers
makes it even more believable that they were behind
the killings.


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