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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
---prabhu.guptara@ny.ubs.com wrote:
> But you are right: I should include government
control in some sense among my 
> points - though I have not yet found a succinct way
of doing so in view of the 
> fact that some types of government control does not
seem to add to corruption 
> (eg. in Singapore - at least so far!).  

Maybe, the government should control only what it is
supposed to? Politics is one thing people are not
very much particular about entering even in singapore.
If the government denies to the people what they want
and what they they should rightly have, I am sure it
will lead to corruption.

Heritage Foundation lists Singapore as the second 
most free country when it comes to Economic Freedom.

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