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Re: Press Freedom - Issues

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     Dear Shashi
     You seem to be convinced that the reports of attacks against 
     Christians are "LIES" even though you have not investigated the matter 
     yourself, and you would seem to have no basis for questioning the 
     bonafides of the people who have reported these matters.  
     Are you aware of, and have you examined, the report of the 
     investigations, either by Christian bodies themselves, and by the 
     National Commission for Minorities?
     If not, and if you do not know how to contact them, do let me know, 
     and I can send you the contact details.
     Your wider point about the need to distinguish between facts and 
     opinions in newspaper reports is of course quite valid and it is good 
     to examine ways in which we can make this distinction clearer.  In the 
     old days, the distinction was clearly between "news reports" (fact) 
     and columns, editorials etc (opinion).  If you feel that "news 
     reports" are not factual, this needs to be taken up first with the 
     newspapers themselves, then with a Newspaper Ombudsman whose 
     responsibility this sort of thing must be, and if all else fails with 
     the Press Council....
     As for your question: "Why is every single incident of violence 
     against christians receiving such exposure?", I would have thought the 
     answer was simple: this is the first time that a lawfully-constituted 
     government in India has been in bed with groups inciting communal 
     hatred, with the results that we all see today.  Previous attacks 
     against Muslims and Sikhs were at the very most covertly supported by 
     governments, if at all (I am not referring to the Golden Temple 
     matter, but to the massacre of Sikhs following the murder of Mrs 
     Gandhi, for example)....
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