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Re: Hope and Trust

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annapurna wrote:

> .  .  .

> 3. Good people also need good leaders.  People joined public life during
> the national movement insired by the leaders and the personal example
> set by them in various incidents.  Leadership of an inspirational nature
> is lacking today because maybe the challenges are not there, as yet.  I
> believe when the situation becomes "bad" enough, society will throw up
> such a leader. After all , this all about Hope and trust , right?
> Vikram

I suggest we consider the proposition that we do not need leaders in the
traditional sense, that we do not need to be "led", that people are able to
solve their problems and determine their future without someone telling them
what to do but by thinking and discussing and finding the facts for
themselves. And where power is ceded to individuals it is temporary and always
subject to review and revocation.

This does of course run counter to tradition. Almost all cultures promote the
distinction of men and supermen, for example Indian mythology elevates
"leaders" to god status as in the notion that in times of troubles, Vishnu the
protector is born as a man to set the world right [Krishna in the mahabharat].
Likewise, the catholic church maintains that the pope is a mouthpiece of god,
distinct from ordinary mortals. It is not hard to see  who benefits from this
kind of thinking. If the powerful can convince most people that only a
superman/leader/god is worthy of wielding power over their affairs, it
legitimates their power as they can argue that they have power by virtue of
being supermen/gods and that this is the natural order of things, where most
of us poor slobs can only follow and do as we are told.

We might consider having hope and trust in the abilities of all members in
society, not in the arrival of some self proclaimed inspirational avatar.


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