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Re: Press freedom

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

Your observations are correct, and many people will agree with you. News
coverage should always be factual. Opinions of journalists should always
be limited to their editorial pages or their news analysis article

Unfortunately, the blame goes both ways. Right wing press has
historically tried to twist facts in their favor while pretending to be
unbiased. The famous Arun Shouri, who gave Indira Gandhi nightmares, is
now a BJP politician (nothing is wrong with that, I am using that as an

On the other hand, the so called secular press fail to let go of their
anti right-wing stand and continue to mix their opinions even while
reporting on facts, as you pointed out.

As imperfect a situation it already is, the last thing you would want to
do is further complicate it by trying to limit the freedom of press by
imposing some kind of "code of conduct". I  know the intention is great,
but the application of a regulation is only as good as the person
in-charge of implementing the same. Please remember, we are still trying
to gain the real benefits of the so called media freedom act called
"Prasar Bharati" even after almost 10 years since it was introduced. If
recent reports are to be believed, the present government has put this
legislation in cold storage, and no other political party wants to force
this issue on, because no politician wants complete freedom of the

We will always have imperfect press, but this is the only segment, where
the less regulations you have the better. 

I am sure you remember the famous quick change of career of our Former
Prime Minister I.K. Gujral, from a Cabinet Minister of Information and
Broadcasting to a diplomat of Russia at the behest of Sanjay Gandhi, who
was son of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, at the time of emergency!
I think the simple reason was Sanjay Gandhi did not like one of the news
broadcasts in All India Radio!


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