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Re: Hope and Trust

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
1. The Communist Party of India (CPI or CPM) funds party workers at
various levels for their time and effort spent in the party.  the
compensation may be paltry but ensures a decent middle class living for
these workers.  Why can't all parties adopt this system to ensure decent
people can dedicate their lives to the party which guarantees economic
comfort?.  This would mean proper party organisation which is publicly
funded and audited by its workers, something whichis sadly lacking inthe
party system in this country.

2. Follow up on this, why should party accounts be beyond scrutiny in
this country?

3. To me the lament that "good" people cannot enter politics today is an
excuse for the English speaking higher middle class.  Fact is, a large
number of persons who are engaged in the business of politics are good. 
I meet a fair number of them in my work. Democracy means representation
and these people who elect represent the people who elect them.  Our
assembly/parliament structures and our tradition of public debate being
so poor , it is possible that these people who get elected do not
continue to represent the people's aspirations.  They need training,
which I find is sadly lacking ( Incidentally, Chandrababu naidu spends
lot of time in this training process, and atleast 2 of my MLA clients
compalin that they dont understand what he is talking about).  Train
them, teach them what is expected of them, tell them what they are
capable of the elected representatives can do wonders.  Most of them do
not even know what their powers and responsibilities are. We have to
develop institutional processes for this.

3. Good people also need good leaders.  People joined public life during
the national movement insired by the leaders and the personal example
set by them in various incidents.  Leadership of an inspirational nature
is lacking today because maybe the challenges are not there, as yet.  I
believe when the situation becomes "bad" enough, society will throw up
such a leader. After all , this all about Hope and trust , right?


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