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Would anyone care to reply?

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Received this. Am sending to IPI (after withholding name/ ad). I am
unable to reply due to recuperating hands. If you reply to me I will
forward your considered replies to this person. SS


Dear Sir,

My name is ***** and I am a student at the University of Toronto. I was
searching for information on The India Policy website and read some of
your articles. I am looking for information because this year, the Model
United Nations Society has delegated my university to represent India at
a Model United Nations Conference at Harvard University. My position is
in the Economic and Financial Committee of the UN.

There are certain topics that we have been asked to discuss, and I have 
approached various people, such as the government organizations... Yet, 
I do not feel that I have been given an adequate account of the 'real' 
situation facing India. There is the following issue that we must 
analyse showing India's viewpoint:

1. IMF Conditionality

Our task is to decide whether the use of conditionality is the most 
effective method of solving economic problems. If the idea of 
conditionality is really efficient? How much power should the IMF have 
over India? Will limiting the power of IMF conditionality also limit its 
ability to aid India better through their economic troubles....
How does India feel about the current measures of conditionality applied 
by the IMF?

Those, and others are questions that we must ask when addressing this 
issue.  I was wondering if you could provide me with your viewpoint on 
this subject so that I could better understand the position of India.

This would help me considerably as I feel that India deserves to be 
represented justly, fairly and to the best of my ability. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in the issue, I look forward 
to learning more about your viewpoint.

Thornhill  Ontario

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