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Re: This came my way

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
It was an interesting piece. Thanks for sharing it Sanjeev.
There are some other very interesting things going on in our nation, and

I believe deserve our attention and reflection upon. I would like to
point out a few of them :

1. I had noticed, and mentioned in one my first postings/comments in
this forum, about Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation taking the first step
to bring real capitalism closer to real people of India by raising funds

for City development through Municipal Bonds, which is so common in the
developed world, but had not happened in India until last year.
Financial Times (Mumbai)of 19th Januray reported that at least three
other Cities of Maharastra are in the process of completing the required

procedures to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through Municipal
Bonds, to fund essential development of the cities, and one of the
cities closer to Bombay also wants to have a modern airport which will
help facilitate better air travel and boost the local tourism industry.

It may sound like something not related to policy discussions, but in my

view, the financial, and developmental aspect of India is very much
related to the basic freedom and liberty of its citizens.

2. I think it was current news of today from India that various state
governments are debating on the issue of articles 355 and 356 of the
constitution. Some very constructive and diverse views have been openely

discussed on a constitutional matter that goes to the very heart of the
question of walking a fine line between hurting the democracy and
protecting the rule of law. I think this subject justifies our interest
and analysis in some detail.

3. There was another news item, and people with more knowledge on the
matter can clarify on the subject. The topic was Constitution. The BJP
President KeshuBhau Thakre has reportedly constituted a committee headed

by one of his Party Vice Presidents (I think the name was Jana
KrishnaMurthy, I could be wrong on the name), and names of 10 other
people were reported and they have been entrusted with the task of
engaging themselves in a nationwide debate and analysis on whether some
changes in the Constitution were necessary/justified to make election
machinery more accountable and on some other things.

I remember some initial ourtures by newly installed BJP Government to
rewrite the constitution. However, this time, I was not sure whether
they were talking about their own party constitution or the Constitution

of India. In case of the later, this forum very much needs to pay
attention and involve itself to whatever extent everyone involved here
believe they want to be helpful.

Thank You.


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