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Hope and Trust

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Hi Umesh,

Nice to hear from you. Yes, I agree with your point of view. Good people
have a role in politics. But first the mindset of the electorate need to
corrected. War begins in the mind of people. War against evil being no

The consolidation of the Good (people) has to be sold in the election
market. It has to be converted into votes. This is the first hurdle. An
obfuscating realm which is keeping the Good away: ordinary Good people,
slightly faceless, who are as Good as they are Bad. Somewhat like the
unknown variable in an equation. We need a pragmatic solution for such
faceless people. They should feel confident enough to step out of their

At theoritical level, I agree that the Good are not so powerless. There
many arguments/examples in their favour as well. And if India (or the
has progressed, it is because of the basic Quest of Humanity to
progress. It
is the law of Nature. No evil politicians can stem this growth. The
socio-economic milieu has its own laws, often  independent of the
environment -- substantially, if not absolutely.

What I am trying to say is, how do we correct the political environment
How do we inspire confidence in the minds of the ordinary people ?

I am an ardent believer of the Good. Hope and Trust shall win. The
remains, When, Where and How ? Lets argue this out threadbare. We can't
afford to lose now.

Arindam Roy,
Jupiter Junction

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