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Re: Proof that Socialism=Sadism

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Arvind Kumar wrote:

> Here is yet another example to prove that socialism is a sadistic
> system. I quote from Rediff On The Net -
> "Hepatitis-B is said to be more infectious and dangerous than the AIDS

> virus. A Hepatitis-B vaccine dose in India costs Rs 300 for a child
and Rs
> 400 for an adult. This is beyond the reach of most Indians. This price
> not because of any xclusive patent, but because of customs and excise
> duties. What sort of government levies tariffs on a life saving

Continuing in this vein of  "proofs":

Corrollary: Capitalism=Sadism

There are several lifesaving drugs that ARE expensive because of
patents, and vaccines that are expensive simply because their
collude in keeping prices high. Capitalism dictates that prices be set
at a
level that "the market will bear".

Thus capitalism=sadism.

I don't think any purpose is served by these exercises of setting up the

bogeyman of  "socialism" [whatever that means] and then beating it to
This deflects us from discovering and focussing on the real problem- my
on the situation we're discussing above is that it results from
power- both in the case of an unresponsive government and a rapacious


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