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Re: Proof that Socialism=Sadism

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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Yet another insight on how socialism works is the ruling Marxists in
Bengal (committed egalitarians, one and all)who have made it their
policy since 1980 to deprive all public school children of any knowledge

of English at the primary level. At the same time, they send their own
sons and daughters to exclusive private/boarding schools where they
receive the best English instruction available in India. Of course, the
leaders of this socialist paradise have decided they know best what is
good for the masses, and don't any of you tell them otherwise.

Arvind wrote:

>After all, what is good for the bureaucrats is good for the system.
>Spending 30-40 lakhs for an MP's treatment is good. These are people
>who run the system and hence what is good for them is good for the
>'community'.This is just one example. I hope this puts things in
perspective. This is not the only place where in the name of revenue
generation, poeple are made to suffer. It just happens that in this
case, it endangers the life of the common citizen.

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