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Proof that Socialism=Sadism

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Here is yet another example to prove that socialism is a sadistic
system. I quote from Rediff On The Net -

"Hepatitis-B is said to be more infectious and dangerous than the AIDS
virus. A Hepatitis-B vaccine dose in India costs Rs 300 for a child and
Rs 400 for an adult. This is beyond the reach of most Indians. This
is not because of any exclusive patent, but because of customs and
duties. What sort of government levies tariffs on a life saving

You might argue that this is not a characteristic of socialism. The fact

is that it IS the philosophy of socialism. Anything for an individual is

bad and anything for the state is good. Therefore, Revenue for the state

earned through such levies is good. OTOH, if individuals were
allowed to import such life saving drugs, what happens to 'precious
foreign exchange'?
Running more Ambassador cars for our bureaucrats who do nothing is good.

After all, what is good for the bureaucrats is good for the system.
Spending 30-40 lakhs for an MP's treatment is good. These are people
who run the system and hence what is good for them is good for the
This is just one example. I hope this puts things in perspective. This
is not the only place where in the name of revenue generation, poeple
are made to suffer. It just happens that in this case, it endangers
the life of the common citizen.


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