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No Subject

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear Friends,

For the past month and half or so, I have been unable to participate in
debate effectively. This is due to some changes in the work environment
certain added responsibilities that I have taken on recently.  I hope
will stabilize within a few months and I will soon be able to contribute
even do some moderation to ease the load on Sanjeev and Vamsi.

After going through the Manifesto there were a couple of fundamental
that I thought I should raise. Here they are :

Under the free citizens declaration it says:
"Our Existence is separate
The chain of events leading to my birth, essentially unrelated in any
way to
the political boundaries that I see today, places me in the environs of
particular society, to which I am related essentially through my
But ultimately, I am an independent link of the chain, that will one day

break away like a leaf falling from the tree, existing today for reasons

best defined by me and understood by me, alone.  I alone can actually
pain when I nick myself, not my nation, nor even my family. I alone can
think for myself. Not my nation, nor even my family."

The above paragraph somehow sounds very alien to me.  The fact that I am

related to the environs into which I am born "essentially through my
parents", is true only at the time of my birth and probably for a few
years. After that one gets related to the environs via each and every
experience that one undergoes each and every day.  What am I, if not a
collection of all my experiences and the multitude of connections I make
during my life?  I am an independent link of the chain, but I don't see
I can break away and exist as just a 'link' without a chain.   I do not
the objective of this paragraph.  I think today there is a lot more
awareness and appreciation of the fact that everything in this cosmos is

interconnected and every link in this chain is important.  And this, I
is a stronger foundation for human rights!

Approaching the nation and nationality as a contract:

This is another approach in the manifesto that I am unable to reconcile
with. If this were true, why are the 150 odd people in IPI still wanting
do something for India? Why aren't they saying that since I am not
what I am paying for, let me abandon it?  I think human beings have
progressed because of our ability to grasp higher level abstract
and nation is one such concept. The very fact that we all feel that we
to do something for India belies the statement that "nation is a
contract in
lieu of payment".



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